What would your computer have been worth back in 1993?


I have some old pricelists from the early 1990's, and going by the prices from back then have done a rough estimation of the value of a current system if you could send it back in time to around 1993. Here are some of the component prices from back then:

RAM: $30 per megabyte. Hard-drive: $430 for a 245 Megabyte drive. Motherboard: Approximately $1000 for a 486DX compatible board.
Graphics card: Vesa Local-bus with 1 Megabyte of memory $185 CPU: 486 DX2-66 $960 CD-Rom Drive (2x speed) and 16-bit Soundcard: $700 Monitor: 15" $680 / 17" $1450 Fax/Modem (9600 Baud): $800 Keyboard and Mouse: $65 Mini-tower case: $110

An entry-level system from the present day with a 3 GHz CPU, 4 Gigabyte of RAM, 1 Gigabyte Graphics card, 500 Gigabyte Hard-drive, internal modem, network card, 22" Monitor, On-board sound, speakers, Keyboard and mouse, DVD drive Would have been worth (I've had to do a rough guess on some components such as DVD drive etc, as they weren't even thought of back then):

4 Gig of RAM: $120,000 500 Gigabyte Hard-drive: $860,000 Motherboard with onboard 32-bit Sound and internal modem: $2000
48x speed DVD R/W: $3,000 22" LED Monitor: $6000 Graphics card (1 Gigabyte Memory): $185,000 3 GHz Quad-core CPU: $400,000

A total of: $1,576,000 (And that's before we add the case,speakers, Keyboard and mouse).

So, in a few short years from now, as you are dumping your current PC system because it's being replaced with a new one, take time to reflect upon the fact that back in the 90's it would have been worth well in excess of 1.5 million dollars.

Click on a thumbnail below to see the original pricelists I calculated from:



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