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Everest Home System Diagnostic tool (Use this to send me a system report)
System Information Viewer (SIV) Another good Sys info tool
Classic Shell Makes Windows 8 useable - Restores the Start button, Etc.
FREE computer internal cleanup Cleans the inside of your PC, The only one I've found that doesn't contain Spyware
Keeps your system free of "Adware"
Anti-Spyware program
MalwareBytes Anti-Malware My favourite Anti-Malware scanner
AVG Free Antivirus Great FREE Anti-virus program
AVG Mobiliation FREE Antivirus, Locator and remote locker for Android-based phones
Great FREE Anti-virus program
Great FREE backup software
A-Squared Free Anti-Malware Another good Anti-virus
MusicBee Great music manager and Radio station tuner for PC's.
Firefox Excellent Web browser
Any Video Converter Free Coverts Video formats to other formats, e.g. AVI to MPG, FLV MOV Etc.
FileZilla FTP client software
Picasa Great FREE photo software from Google
Gmail Google's FREE Webmail
Skype Make FREE phone calls on the Internet
Open Office Free Office application suite (MS Compatible)
Whois Find out your I.P. and Information on Websites
Virtual Clone Drive Create Virtual CD/DVD drives for loading .ISO, CCD, IMG files (Freeware)
DropBox Free online storage for backing up and sharing files
Teamviewer Remote support
Australian online ink cartridge and toner store - Where I get my printer cartridges!

Great download sites:

My favourite site for utility files and drivers
All sorts of files
Download.com Name sorta says it all really!
One of the original free file sources on the Net
Great Mag, great download site
All sortsa stuff
Lots of free fonts
Files, files and more files

General Tech Info:

OzSpeedTest Test your broadband speed
Open Port Checker Check for open ports
Tech Spot Technology News and Analysis
Rougue Security Software A list of some of the Rogue Antivirus / Anti-malware programs
Geek.com Name says it all really
Complaints List Online sam prevention guide
Interesting site!
Just what the name says...
Useful reading
Free advice!
PCTechGuide Great Tech Info site
PC User Magazine Tech help site
Hack A Day How to hotrod anything!
Extreme Tech All the tweaks
ARS Technica The art of technology
SlashDot News for nerds
PCApex.com Computer reviews and modding
Webopedia Online computer dictionary
itnews.com.au IT News Australia
Repair XP Great site on repairing Windows XP
AnandTech Hardware analysis and news
Whirlpool Forums Australian Broadband discussion forums
dpreview.com My favourite site for info and reviews on Digital Cameras
Digital Photography Glossary Lots of info on Digital Photography and cameras
PDF to Word FREE online .pdf to Word .doc converter
Port Forward Router setups
Visual Traceroute Free online visual traceroute


Motherboards info MSI Downloads
Gigabyte Downloads VIA Chipset drivers
Foxconn Drivers HP / Compaq
Intel Intel CPU comparison chart
AMD processors ASUS Downloads
NVIDIA graphics drivers ATI Graphics drivers
Samsung Downloads DELL Drivers and downloads
Western Digital Seagate
D-Link Siemens Modems
Power supply requirements calculator ACER Downloads
Belkin routers Netgear
Eserviceinfo Albatron Motherboards
CPU Benchmark Charts Video Card Benchmark charts
Hard-drive Benchmark charts  
Great site for finding Windows DLL files


Toshiba downloads Toshiba Australia
Toshiba disassembly guide Compaq disassembly guide
HP/Compaq media library HP/Compaq drivers and software
Acer Australia/NZ support Acer disassembly guide
Laptop repair 101 Sony
Repair4Laptop.org ASUS Downloads

Computer tuition:

Technology Tutorials Links to lots of IT learning resources
MS Office XP Tutorials Access, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Publisher tutorials
Computer Literacy 101 Good free lessons on using your PC

Other interesting stuff:

flightradar24 Live World-wide Aircraft flight data map
Shipfinder The same thing, but for ships
Engrish.com The joys of Engrish - Also known as "Chinglish"
Hoax-Slayer Debunking Internet hoaxes and Email scams
Oddee.com A collection of truly odd things
2leep.com Lotsa weird and interesting stuff
Amusing Facts Interesting reading!
Peter Blinn's Curious notions More fun stuff!
Wired.com Wired's website
Webcity Great Web hosting plans and Domain registration
ReactOS The new alternative to Windows?
Amazing PC's!!! My collection of pics of modded PCs
CIA World factbook Online world info according to the spooks
SETI @ HOME Help find E.T.
NASA What's goin' on up there?
BBS: The documentary A trip down memory lane
CompFused.com Fun site
IMDb Internet Movie Database
Satellite image Latest Australian weather satellite image
Multi-Monitor setups Interesting multi-display setups
Oz Webcams Australian Webcams Index
North-East NSW Radar Local weather radar
South-East QLD Radar SE QLD - NE NSW weather radar
Australian Papers Australian newspapers online
Cult of the Dead Cow mmmmmm.....dead cow....
Red Hill CPU guide Great site for info on old CPU specs
CIA Kids page No...I'm not kidding, there really is one!
Pulyn-Y-Aleg Castle Beautiful and mysterious castle in Wales
My hovercraft is full of eels In many different languages
What would your current PC system have been worth back in the early 1990's?
wayback machine The Wayback Machine See how websites looked in the past. Interesting and useful site.


Bay FM
Listen to Bay FM Live


Check IP address Geolocation



Some interesting pictures...

In 1954 here's how they thought a personal computer from 2004 might look......

And here's what a 5 megabyte Hard-Drive (Yes, Megabytes!) looked like back in 1956....

We've all talked to him, finally here's a picture of him....

microsoft tech support

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