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Whether you're looking for an inexpensive, general-purpose PC, a high-end gaming machine or a computer based Home entertainment sytem incorporating DVD, Video, Internet, Hard-Drive storage of your movies, Music and Pictures, and Surround sound, I can build a system to your specifications.
Only pay for what you need, and don't compromise with the limitations of "One size fits all" off-the-shelf systems. In many cases having a system custom-built is a less expensive option when shopping for a new computer.

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There's never been a better time to get a new computer!

CPU's, Motherboards, Ram, Hard-drives, DVD drives, Video-cards, LCD monitors and Printers are at prices so low as to be unthinkable even just a year ago.
On average, components are 33% cheaper than 12 months ago!

As an example, here is an average comparison of entry-level systems, this years model and the last 4 years models, same price, but look at the difference in specifications:

Pentium4 Pentium Dual-core Pentium Core2 Duo Quad-core 2.4 Ghz Quad-core 3.2 Ghz
80 Gigabyte 160 Gigabyte 500 Gigabyte 500 Gigabyte 1000 Gigabyte
Optical drive
CD Burner DVD Burner DVD Burner DVD Burner DVD Burner
256 - 512 Mb 1 Gig - 2 Gig 2 Gig 2 Gig - 4 Gig 4 Gig
17" LCD, 8Ms 19" Wide-screen, <5Ms 22" Wide-screen, <8Ms 22" Wide-screen LCD, <5Ms 22" Wide-screen LED, <2-5Ms
Video Card On-board, 32-64 Mb 128-256 Mb DDR2 512 Mb DDR3 512 Mb DDR3 512 Mb / 1 Gigabyte DDR3

So why buy from me? Why not buy a PC from one of the big distributors? Well, here's a few reasons:

  • Up-to-date components:
    Have a look at the fine print on the adverts for the 3 biggest PC distributors in this country (let's call them C, D and A). They're still selling systems with "High-speed 667 Mhz DDR RAM" and "Huge 160 gig Hard-drives". 667mMhz DDR was high speed ram and a 160 Gig Hard-drive was huge, 3 - 4 years ago! Why are they still manufacturing computers with this outdated hardware? Because 3 years ago they bought it by the container-load and they're still trying to use their old stock.
    I build all my new systems using the latest technology, which I am constantly researching.
  • Industry-Standard Components mean cheaper repair costs:
    One of the major problems with buying from many of the mjor manufacturers is that they use non-standard components in their systems.
    What this means is that if you need to replace a component in your system you are forced to use their proprietary parts.
    What's wrong with this? I had a good example last week....
    A client brought me their Compaq desktop, which was just out of warranty. The motherboard (a Socket 775 Intel-based board) was fried due to a power surge.
    A Socket 775 Motherboard retails for around $60, however as this was a Compaq with non-standard power connector on the board, only the Compaq manufactured board could be installed in this system.
    Compaq's price for a replacemant socket 775 Motherboard? $450! An 800% price mark-up! This is typical of all their components.

    Last month I had to replace the CMOS battery in a Compaq laptop. This is one of those "button" style batteries (Average price in any store approximately $1.50), with a small plug attched by two 1" (2 cm) long wires.
    Compaq's replacement price for this is $72.00!
    (fortunately for my client I found one on eBay for a few dollars).
  • Warranty:
    I often repair PC's manufactured by the major distributors while they are still under warranty. Why do they get brought to me for repair instead of getting repaired for free under warranty? Usually it's because their owners have had them repaired under warranty before and are not prepared to be without their computer for weeks! Turn-around times for warranty repairs by the major sellers are notoriously slow! One of my clients told me that they had to wait 12 weeks to get their system back from it's last repair and it still wasn't fixed to their satisfaction when it arrived. All my systems come with complete manufacturers warranties on parts.
    I personally guarantee that any faults found on a new system built by me will be fixed immediately.
  • Build quality:
    After 20 years of building PC's I can still count the number of new systems I've assembled that have been returned within 6 months due to problems on the fingers of one hand!
    All my new systems are given a thorough "burn in" before being delivered, ensuring that component manufacturing defects are detected before the customer takes delivery.
    The computers sold by the major manufacturers are not assembled by computer techninians. They are assembled by semi-skilled process workers (usually in third-world countries where the labour is cheaper).
    Ask one of these assembly-line workers and he'll probably proudly boast that he can assemble 30 systems per day (I know -I've worked in one of these places).
    With my systems I never do more than 2 in one day, giving each system I build greater attention to detail.
  • The bottom line....Price!
    Now here's the interesting bit. For all the buying power at their command and all the shortcutting in quality control that the major PC manufacturers do, I can still build and sell systems with the same (usually better!) specifications at a cheaper price.


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